how to draw a troll, troll warrior drawing tutorial
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how to draw a troll drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw trolls

Trolls are a supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore, variously portrayed as a friendly or mischievous dwarf or as a giant that lives in caves, in the hills, or under bridges. In these tutorials you will learn how to draw Trolls with detailed instructions. Trolls are often described as an aboriginal race, with oversized ears, noses and monstrously sharp teeth. The tale goes that they are at least 7 feet tall real gangly creatures and weigh around 200 pounds. Like in the movie Widow the trolls were ugly smelly and had hair from head to toe, almost like Bigfoot. Trolls are hunting machines and are not very loyal at all, unless of course it’s their own tribe. Some tales tell how trolls turned to stone in the light of the sun. You also have those disgusting looking trolls in Lord of The Rings. As you can see nothing nice is said about the troll. They are also used in many board and video games like Dungeons and Dragons, and War Craft. These tutorials will give you step by step instructions on how to draw Trolls. Even though trolls are ugly creatures, we still would like you to submit your tutorial when you’re finished. DragoArt loves new artist and we always like to encourage you to show us what you got. Don’t forget to be creative when sketching and have fun.