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how to draw anime mouths drawing tutorial
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how to draw anime lips drawing tutorial
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how to draw manga mouths drawing tutorial
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how to draw manga mouths drawing tutorial
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draw anime mouths pro drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw anime mouths

Drawing anime characters can be pretty hard sometimes. But when it comes to drawing the mouths of an anime figure, you're pretty much riding the waves because that is one of the easiest concepts to achieve when creating a manga character. In this category, you will be learning "how to draw anime mouths", step by step. Even though there really isn't anything to it when it comes to drawing manga mouths, browsing through a well made tutorial wouldn't hurt you at all. In fact, you will benefit from reading or following a lesson on drawing anime mouths. There is usually no lips on these types of characters, only lines. Some lines are detailed or defined to look more plump then others, but I have never seen a female or male anime character with a set of lips. The best advise you can get in my opinion, try out the some of the tutorials, because when you put time and effort into creating your own anime style character, you want to make sure they are drawn the right way through and through.