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how to draw anime ears drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw anime ears

This is a sub-category that is both odd, and helpful. Odd because it's based on ears, and helpful because the lessons in this category are going to show you "how to draw anime ears", step by step. Even though you very rarely see ears on an anime or manga character, it is still very helpful to teach yourself the skills to draw anime ears properly. This section isn't filled to the max with a bunch of different manga ear tutorials, but it does contain a lesson that will put you on the right track to drawing ears the way they should be done. There are many different types of ear shapes, and sizes. Smaller anime style ears are drawn on petite sized girls, or children, small to medium sized ears are drawn on female to young children, and larger ears are usually drawn on men, and older adults. No matter what size ear you want to draw, you can do it easily, and quickly by using one of the lessons found in this Anime Ear section. Have fun drawing anime ears.