how to draw a music note tattoo drawing tutorial
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how to draw music notes drawing tutorial
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how to draw a bass clef drawing tutorial
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how to draw a treble clef drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw notes

If you're wondering what 'notes' are, all you have to do is look around to see what is in this sub category. As you notice, there is tutorials that teach you how to draw notes in the form of clefs, or in other-words, "music notes". Folks that read sheet music are familiar with the many different musical notes that make up songs. Without notes there is no melody that carries a graceful, harmonious tune in a beautiful manner. As time passes you will find more and more music notes added to this section, but for now you can practice your drawing skills by tackling some of the clefs that we do have. Music is a beautiful way to express feelings as well as emotions. There really is no wrong way to make a song because every song is unique because it comes from inside of the individual. Classical music is one of the more graceful tunes to listen to because it broadens the mind into deeper possibilities. When you draw musical notes you will find beauty in even the most simplest form.