how to draw a human head, draw human heads drawing tutorial
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how to draw heads drawing tutorial
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how to draw a head drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw head

I don't know what to say when it comes to learning how to draw a head. This part of the human body is probably one of the easiest things to draw because all you are doing is making a round shape, and defining it to specifications. There is no complex way to draw heads, but when you do decide to make a sketch for a human character, you need to already have an idea how big your head is going to be, and how long as well. There is many different head shapes, and only you can determine what type, or shape you want on your character drawings. There is also accessories to the head too that needs to be added like hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and the eyebrows too. Once you have a good idea one what types of style you are going for, you will draw a head that suits your needs. These tutorials show you how to draw heads so you will be able to tackle any character drawing you come across.