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Learn how to draw orcs

Orcs are best known for being humanoid creatures from some far-flung part of earth in different fantasy tales. They are rough tough belligerent hostile beings. Orcs are also very aggressive, combative; fight hungry animals that always attempt to provoke a war. The Orcs way of travel usually consists of wolves or giant hog like animals. Orcs do however have an immense sense of honor. Their army stands strong and brave with numbers in the thousands. Orcs are described as having green tinted skin or a brownish pale color. If you are crossed by an Orc you’re bound to get boomed by there desire to fight and cause trouble. The odds that you will be crosses by an Orc in daylight are slim to none. Orcs rarely come out in the daytime hours. They are nocturnal creatures which makes them even more dangerous. Most people believe that Orcs are a result from being tainted by Elves. In this you be able to draw an Orc with confidence. These detailed step by step tutorials shows you how to put your pencil to the paper and create one of the ugliest creatures known to man. Remember to have fun and use your imagination. After your done sign up as a user and submit your finished work. Show off to the world what you’ve created. Don’t be shy become a member!