how to draw josh ramsay, josh ramsay, josh ramsay caricature drawing tutorial
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how to draw daddy yankee, daddy yankee drawing tutorial
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how to draw a caricature drawing tutorial
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how to draw a gothic caricature drawing tutorial
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how to draw jenna marbles, jenna marbles caricature drawing tutorial
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how to draw the mad magazine face drawing tutorial
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how to draw a caricature drawing tutorial
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how to draw salvador dali, salvador dali caricature drawing tutorial
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hillbilly caricature drawing lesson drawing tutorial
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how to draw pewdiepie, pewdiepie drawing tutorial
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how to draw cartoon caricatures drawing tutorial
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how to draw caricatures drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw caricatures

In this tutorial section you will find some really cool lessons on how to draw a caricature step by step. Drawing caricatures is a fun way to entertain your family, friends, or guests. Anybody can learn how to draw funny faces no matter who they are and what they look like. Caricatures is an art that has been used by many artists that specialize in this particular field. When you go to a carnival, sidewalk fest, or even the mall you can be sure to find a booth that performs hand drawn sketches of caricatures. Drawing a face is fun, but drawing a caricature face is even more entertaining. If you like laughing and playing around with faces this is the perfect place to find a tutorial on some of your favorite actors, actresses, and even politicians. If you don't see a certain caricature drawing in this section, you can either drop a request to Dragoart, or you can submit your own to teach others how to draw caricatures step by step. I think you will find that these inflated faces are really not all that hard to draw. After all, everybody loves laughing at themselves sometimes right? Newspapers, comic strips and even magazines uses caricatures to exploit, celebrate, or entertain. A famous caricature that you may be familiar with is on the cover of Mad magazine. The mascot for Mad's caricature is the fictional Alfred E. Neuman. Drawing caricatures of people is so much fun. When learning how to draw caricature eyes and mouths, just keep in mind that you need to accentuate or deflate certain parts when you draw a caricatures face. Some drawings even include lessons on how to draw caricature bodies too, but that is totally optional for the artist to do. The most important thing is when you get your lessons here on, you will always learn how to draw caricatures free! Every online lesson cost nothing, which gives you all the reason in the world to be a part of the worlds best drawing tutorial site.