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Learn how to draw dwarves

Dwarves originated differently from other races in Middle-earth. Dwarves are small creatures resembling a human being, often ugly. Recognized for their long bushy beards and carrying axes, they often appear in legends and fairy tales. But one thing most tales do agree on is that they were allies with humans and helped them when battles arose. Dwarves did not like to leave the safety of there dwellings by no means. They lived in fortresses in the mountains or even underground. The only time they would leave their homes is when the call of battle came that is when they would leave to help defend their friends and allies. Dwarves maintain great courage under fire, and courage in the face of the enemy. They are also known for their heroism and their ignorance of fear. The dwarf in the movie Lord of The Rings (Gimli) is a perfect example of the Dwarves race. They will risk their lives for others especially family and friends. Sketching a dwarf may seem difficult but in this tutorial you will learn how to draw Dwarves with ease and you will amaze yourself at what you have created. If you have any pre made art don’t forget to sign up and submit them! Don’t be shy lets see your skills and be the teacher for a change. And remember always have fun when your sketching your art, you can never get worse, you can only get better.