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So, you've probably come across this category of art because you're seeking tutorials on “how to draw realistic animals”, step by step. Don't fear this tag page! We have tons of tutorials that show you basic proportions to “draw a realistic animal” in the most simplest way possible. Take note that it takes patience and practice to proceed onto getting better drawing these creatures. Sometimes, it can get difficult because of all the details and techniques you must use to getting realistic all the way. The advice to guide you is to always reference when you're in trouble. Seek out images of real animals and see how they are designed; create artistic techniques to make a drawing seem so realistic, that it'll blow viewers minds away! There isn't much more the category can say, other than keep practicing. Be sure to always have a pencil and paper on the go so you can quickly sketch down animals or movements that attract you. It's an artist's job to always have ideas on the flow in order to create dynamic art. When you “draw realistic animals”, don't feel too discouraged because of the complexity. The more the challenge, the better the practice exercise. Well, have fun and good luck on your artistic endeavors!