how to draw chibi pokemon

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So, there is a new art concept that is going around and it involves Pokémon characters that we know and love. Lately I have been submitting lessons on some cool chibi sized Pokémon figures that we have grown up to love, and sometimes hate. Since these small versions of our favorite species are doing so well, I decided to dedicate a whole section to them so finding them would be a whole lot easier to do. If you are reading this sub-category description it means that you are visiting the section where you're browsing through a bunch of tutorials based on "how to draw chibi Pokémon", step by step. I started out making and uploading some of the more popular figures that almost anyone can recognize. Here is where you can teach yourself how to draw chibi Ash, Pikachu, Charizard, and more. These chibi drawings are literally almost irresistible to walk away from. It is so fun drawing Pokémon characters in chibi form because the tutorials are a whole lot easier to understand and tackle. I can’t believe that the new thing nowadays for Pokémon fans that love to draw, is creating small sized versions of these loveable creatures that have so much going for them. Drawing chibi Pokémon characters is probably one of the funest concepts that I have been getting into because I get to draw all kinds of types my way. If you want to see one of your Pokémon characters come to life in chibi form, just drop me a request and I will fill it as soon as possible. Have fun everyone and don’t forget to upload your finished work when you’re done.