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Horrifying characters is seldom seen nowadays unless we are playing some creepy video games that scare us right out of our pants. Now because I’m a big fan or horror movies, I wanted to make a section that was dedicated to everything that has to do with drawing horror. So here is the place where you will draw horror, step by step. There are so many different characters that fall in this section, and to find all different characters and place them in their proper places is going to be a lengthy process. That is why you will most likely see more and more tutorials being added to this area. Here you will find tutorials on some of your favorite serial killers like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Reagan from The Exorcist. Of course there are more figures that fall in this area, but for now have fun with what you see. There is no doubt that it’s always fun drawing characters from our favorite classic horror films, and even video games like Leatherface, who is one of the sickest individuals around, and Pinhead, one of the brutalest figures from hell. Anyways, I get carries away sometimes when I’m really into a certain subject. Let me leave you to your scary realm as you tackle some of the awesome characters of our time.