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Robotomy is a new cartoon series on 'CartoonNetwork'. It premiered on October 24th, 2010 where a ton load of kids sat down and watched it. Here is a category totally dedicated to the new series, respectfully use at your own dispense. You'll find a lot of helpful tutorials that will help artists in learning to draw these lovable characters. Keep up to date with the category for new tutorials on other characters. Learning “how to draw Robotomy characters”, can be hard because of all the complex shapes and detailing put into the characters. It's very different from drawing Spongebob and then suddenly shifting yourself to draw a robotic complex character. There are many complex shapes to overcome on “Robotomy characers”. You should intend to equip yourself with a ruler, compass, and a big eraser to prepare yourself for the drawing danger of complexity! A good sheet of paper is recommended, no matter the rules! To have yourself a nice drawing to ink and color, use standard copy paper for best results. Have fun, and don't forget to keep up with the show! Thanks for viewing and good luck on your future artistsic endeavors! Don't ever forget to practice those flourishing drawing skills!