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Planet Sheen is a new animated series that has been making a name for itself. I know that when I watched that one episode I was like, wow, this series is pretty cool. That is why I started drawing tutorials based on how to draw Planet Sheen characters, step by step. There is so many different alien beings from the funny series that you can draw and have fun with. I think that this is a very colorful show that has a lot of life ahead of its future. AS of right now there is only a handful of figures from Planet Sheen that is available as a tutorial. If you want to see more characters from the animated series, just click on the request link and let me know who or what you would like to have as a tutorial. Its fun to draw new things which is why I love drawing, and teaching others how to draw too. This section will help you draw Sheen, and his friends with no trouble at all. Have fun, and remember, drawing is for everyone, but not everyone will be artist unless they want to be.