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Okay, I know some of you have not yet heard of the new Disney flick called Tangled, and to be honest with you I would never think in a thousand years that Disney would name such a classic tale the we know of as Rapunzel and turn it into a CGI flick called Tangled. I guess the name is related to the fact that the long haired princess has a do that is over ten feet in length. This section is dedicated to all the many characters and figures you will find in the movie which is why you will learn how to draw Tangled characters, step by step. Drawing Tangled characters is going to be amazingly fun because some of our childhood characters are going to be at our very fingertips as you teach yourself to draw Tangled characters. Figures like Flynn Rider, and Rapunzel are two of the most recognized in the group. Of course as the section stands right now, there is not a lot of people you can draw. But over time you will find more and more fun lessons that will take you on a semi-epic journey as you sift through all the drawing fun. Enjoy your stay as you randomly choose who you will sketch when it comes time to draw Tangled characters.