how to draw sesu the ancient sorcerer drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw wizards

When you think of the name Merlin automatically you know that it is a name associated with an old man with a long white beard that was a wizard of some sorts. This section is dedicated to all those wizards out there that have been making us dreamers, and be creative in every way. Here is where you will find tutorials that will show you "how to draw wizards", step by step. There is wizards that look like the ones from Lord of the Rings, and there is simple looking wizards that have very traditional characteristics. When drawing a wizard there is no hard work to it, unless of course you are trying to make a really high detailed sketch of a wizard. Other names to describe these men of magic are sages, sorcerers, and even warlocks. All of the mentioned know how to use magic, and because of this you may also hear them being called magicians. No matter what type of wizard, magician, sorcerer, or sage the idea to how the character will look all comes from you. Use these tutorials on drawing wizards to come up with ideas that you will love. If there is a specific magician/wizard you would like to see here in this section, just drop me a request and I will do my best to getting what you want uploaded ASAP. Enjoy everyone!