how to draw a butterfly on a flower, butterfly and flower drawing tutorial
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sketching a butterfly, with commentary drawing tutorial
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how to draw a simple butterfly drawing tutorial
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how to draw a monarch butterfly drawing tutorial
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how to draw a butterfly design drawing tutorial
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how to draw an easy butterfly drawing tutorial
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how to draw a cartoon butterfly drawing tutorial
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how to draw butterflies drawing tutorial
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how to draw butterfly skull drawing tutorial
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how to draw butterfly eyes drawing tutorial
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Learn how to draw butterflies

Okay guys, how many times have you stopped doodling, and found yourself drawing some sort of butterfly design on either a notebook, book-cover, or even on your thighs as you wear your jeans? I was randomly going through all the tutorials on the site and found that there is so many tutorials on butterflies. I thought to myself, "why not dedicate a category specifically on how to draw butterflies, step by step"? So here we are, and here you are looking at the ever flowing list of all the butterfly tutorials you can have fun looking at, tackling, or just plain enjoy the artwork. There is tutorials on how to draw butterfly tattoos, butterflies for kids, easy butterflies, cartoon butterflies, tribal butterflies, you name it I got it. There are so many different variety of butterfly in existence, it makes it almost impossible to even know each specie of this insect. It's weird that they are part of the insect family because when you think of an insect, you think green, ugly, gross. I feel that I should take each butterfly lesson out of where they are and place them on their own little page. Have fun guys, and let your imagination and creativity go wild.

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