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how to draw chica the chicken, five nights at freddys drawing tutorial
how to draw freddy fazbear, five nights at freddys drawing tutorial
how to draw bonnie the bunny, five nights at freddys drawing tutorial
how to draw anime poses drawing tutorial
cat anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
dog anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
bird anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
horse anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
wolf anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
lion anatomy drawing drawing tutorial
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im a currently 17 year old who loves Sonic games despite how bad they are now and im just below average on everything and I pretty much am horrible at everything else. I sometimes write poems (which I understand those who think that's weird but don't hate on me over it) I usually am a nice person and I am a typical video gamer (if it was 2005 lol) I became a true Dragoart member a few years back but... I sorta lost my passwords lol and was too lazy to remember my email passwords... I also miss a lot of school....working to make up the classes i did fail and days i missed. There is pretty much nothing newwer to me other than i now learnt how to code for websites and such
Tools of the trade
I use an actual primary colors sketchbook, a set of lead pencils, colored pencils, wood pencils like Dixon Ticonderoga and a Cra-z-art brand, and a new tool that I love its a pitt ink pen and its clear and doesn't fade to gray or spurt ink globs like a ballpoint (not trying to trash anyone who uses another brand or ballpoints) I also use rulers and makeshift French curves which are similar to a ruler with curves
Gaming on my Ps2 and drawing
Favourite books
books....uhm... im not good at this.... well im currently reading Deltora series, Warriors Series, and a few works by Darren Shan and that's actually about it
Favourite movies
um... don't really "watch" movies... but Planet of the Apes, James Cameron's Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason X, Ghost Rider. Do TV shows count? if they do then The Walking Dead, Courage the Cowardly Dog, um... Alaska The Final Frontier, Fast N' Loud, Face Off (the show not the movie) and.... uh... oh Dragon Ball heh I don't know how I forgot that one lol
Favourite music
definetly a true rock lover. I listen to Avenged Sevenfold, Dragonforce,Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Volbeat, Linkin Park, We as Human, Sick Puppies, Bring Me the Horizon, Nothing More, Slipknot, Fallout Boy, Eminem, Deep Purple and many many more but I sorta really dislike country music.
why would everyone have these
i do but... not telling unless you ask nicely and i can trust you
not looking for hackers or stalkers
you mean the sound birds make right?