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I am an otaku and I love to draw anime and manga. I am a HUGE movie fan. I like to skateboard, parkour, and play instruments. I am able to sing, play drums, and i am currently teaching myself piano and guitar at the same time. I am a big Japanese fan and currently learning the language( it's difficult but its really fun). I have been to South Africa in 2014. I love to travel and I am currently working on making a book or even better a movie. I have big ideas and well I want to get my work out to everybody. Right now though I want to be the one of the youngest directors ,but hey no dream is to big right?Last before I forget I am Christian hope that doesn't change anything Well thats all I got for now BYE.
Tools of the trade
I love using any type of pencil for my drawings. But really I prefer using sketch stick pencil or a number 2 mechanical pencil. i am not a big color person but I do like using red and blue colored pencils if I choose to use them. I also like to use pen and sharpie. My canvas is anything i can draw on even on myself sometimes.
Drawing anime or manga, making music, playing video games playing soccer, Parkour, Skateboard, Bmx, snowboard, yo-yoing, doing magic tricks, reading (manga), watching anime , watching movies, drawing, listening to music, and my favorite studying Japanese. ( im not Japanese but i love learning the language:)
Favourite books
My favorite books well more like my favorite series's of all time are Department 19, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, The Percy Jackson series, and probably Tunnels. Now for manga I like Naruto, Bleach, Green Worldz, Air Gear, One Piece, Soul Eater, The Assult , All You Need Is Kill,Cirque du Freak, Jurassic Park, Hive, The Gamer, Terraformers, Divergent series, Theres a whole lot more but , My last and favorite of all time is Guilty Crown. I like all manga if you have suggestions please mention.
Favourite movies
Oh my this is going to be long hope your ready. Edge of Tomorrow, Snow Piercer, Lone Survivor, Terminator, Jurassic Park, Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Black Hawk Down, Step Up 3D, The Avengers, almost all the super hero movies, sci-fi movies, war movies, well just anything. But i love anime movies like Akira. Again if you have suggestions please say them
Favourite music
NIGHTCORE, Vocaloid, Anime OP's, Dubstep, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap,some Country, some Classical, Rock, and Alternative. Ashes Remain and a bunch of other Christian Bands Like thousand foot krunch and Red
The one your on right now I to lazy to make one also i dont know how.com
If you ask I might
Thats right its "MY SPACE" so stay out. Im kidding i have never had one so dont even try
Again if you ask i might
# I am not a bird i don't tweet so dont tweet me.Okay