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Ok so about me.. Well I basically spend most of my day screaming pancakes in people's faces and running all over the place lol I try hard not to pee my pants alot cause I laugh pretty hard and I tell alot of jokes which is apart of me so I won't take some things seriously. I am pretty nice but I do have anger problems so if you get me mad be prepared cause I won't care about "feelings" or what you are going through. Um.. I am a tomboy so I like to play a shit load of video games and I play some sports my favorite are basket ball and foot ball. I LOVE PANDAS! And the color blue :3 and pancakes :3 and bacon :3 lol and I can be described as Emo I guess lol soo yeah xD but anyways I have the best boyfriend ever :3 and ... I liked sponge bob (?) haha *runs out of stuff...* butter...THIS SANDWHICH DOESN'T HAVE *le pause* TURKEY IN IT!!! *explosion* lol
Tools of the trade
I just use pencil and paper xD nothing special lol so yeah and some times sharpies ....
Playing sports,drawing,relaxing, playing video games, listening to music, reading, taking shits lol jk um.. watching tv, playing jig saw puzzles an drinking hot cocoa and playing jigsaw puzzles and watching tv .. lol jk... Again.. Um sleeping ,racing,and being random :3 i love being me :3 and....umm *walks away cause i has no more ideas*
Favourite books
Well I read ALOT! Sometimes ^^; some of the books I have read we're Percy Jackson series, fable haven, number the starts, the giver, skin I'm in, monster, twilight, diary of a wimpy kid series, goosebumps books, maximum ride (saving the world), tales of a fourth grade nothing and lots more but can't remember lol sorry I will get back on that :)
Favourite movies
I like scary/suspenseful movies like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm street...... And other movies similar to things like that I also like action movies some of my favorite movies are the chronicles of riddick, pitch black, alien, alien vs predator, all of the underworlds, worlds at war, jungle to jungle, die hard, battle ship, battle of Los Angeles, 21 jump street, all the Chucky's, Jason movies ( like Freddy vs Jason ) Jurassic park (all), terminator, wreck it ralph,howls moving castle, ice age( all),shrek(all), toy story( all), coraline, vampires suck, how to train your dragon, and most Disney movies( like aladin, Cinderella, a bugs life,) The Crow,Drag me to hell,jeepers creepers(all),Van Helsing,Battle Royale
Favourite music
Some of my favorite bands are Metallica, Nirvana, Disturbed,System of a Down, Metro Station, Rise Against, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, evanescene, halestorm,Bon jovi, billy idol, imagine dragons, panic at the disco, paramore, Guns N' Roses, AFI,Alice in Chains,Avenged sevenfold,Beastie Boys,Beck,Blondie,Cheap Trick,Dinosaur jr.,Duran Duran,Fleet wood Mac,Foo Fighters,Jimmy eat world, Joan Jett,Journey,Linkin Park,Lit,Megadeath,Modest Mouse,Motorheah,smashing pumpkins, Skrillex, the offspring, one republic,3 days grace, 3 doors down, Big Bang, Shinee, Papa Roach, flyleaf, 30 seconds to mars,The goo goo dolls,Skillet, the fray,Soulja boy(idk any more lol), Rihanna, Sworn in,Stray from the path,Vocaloid, akon, Sleeping with Sirens and alot more that I can't remember lol
*le tips over fat cow*
*herpina face* my feelings changed for you once you called me a bitch *me troll face/ pfft face* my feeling changed for you when you became one
*asian rage face* IMPOSSIBRU!!
S.C.H.O.O.L= seven crappy hours of our lives, C.L.A.S.S= come late and start sleeping, F.I.N.A.L.S= Fuck I never actually learned shit
FOR AMERRRRRICA!!!! (Ok idk... I really don't know...)