25, Female
United Kingdom
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Meeting me... Beying my freind... Beying my partner... Will be a mistake... But it will be the best mistake you will ever make... Im lesbian as i were... My dream is to become a tattooist and peircer.. Trust me when i tell you this.. If you dont already know me.. You probly dont wana get to know me... Im happy to say i have no regrets but one.. And thats not telling everyone in my life at the moment how much they mean to me... I love hello kitty I love tattoos I love peircings I love beying lazy I love food thats bad for me I love sleep I love tv I love cartoons And i love nothing more to change my hair... I hate liars I hate back stabbers I hate mr blobby I hate drama I hate gay girls that turn straight I hate long nails I hate beying called love or darling And most of all i hate haters =P Life after me.. Will never be the same again....
Tools of the trade
Pencil, Pen,
I draw.. Tattoo.. Peirce..
Favourite books
Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire storys, Burton On Burton, Real Life Vampires
Favourite movies
Vampire clan, Twilight' Anything by tim burton, Sucker Punch' Anything to do with phycos and mental health.. =)
Favourite music
Theres no where to start i love so many