27, Female
United Kingdom
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Well my name is Rachael and I am 13 years old, ignore what it says on my profile when I signed up I pressed the wrong year, clumsy me! I am quite the pet person I have a total of 17 pets at home soon to be 18! I have a little sis called Georgia who is 9 and is also quite fond of drawing, she looks up to me and tries to copy off what techniques I use! My fav colour is blue and my biggest pet hate is when people call link Zelda ooooo! x
Tools of the trade
I love to draw! I must say I am good at It as well I get told this a lot! I mostly draw stuff related to Zelda but like to draw animals, mostly wolves from time to time. I don't really like sticking things and making things when it comes to art I prefer drawing and painting, I like to shade things I must say doing things in black and white then colouring in one key detail really gives my artwork good affects. I like water colour paints they are very delicate and elegant if you know what I mean x
Drawing, singing,listening to music, pet sitting, more drawing, painting, talking to friends, Zelda, Zelda and guess what...even more Zelda!x
Favourite books
Well I don't read books really however I do like to read my Hyrule Historia book I find that extremely intresting especially the 'creative footprints' section x
Favourite movies
hmm this is hard, I suppose I like the twilight saga movies x
Favourite music
don't get me started I love music, I like Zelda dubstep remixes they are cool I love olly murs nicki minaj and a lot more! I have to say I love the script at the minute!x