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I loved art since I was little I was born in New Mexico my moms Mexican and dads wight then moved to Texas when I was 3 then my dad cheated so I moved again when I was 6 then I moved to Detroit MI I loved it there way better i won my first contest there in the 4 th grade I failed 2nd so really I I was like 10 then my mom got a new job in this small town I love it here I have one 4 contest since I moved here and there is a lot better drawers I love it here but there r so many plp here who hate Mexicans and black plp I hate when the say r u even an legal citizen and I don't have time to go and tell so I just respond yeah last time I checked your dads name is on my brith certificate so I think I am legal cause your spouse to have one American citizen to be legal right then I say I gusse that makes us half brother that shut them right up I do pep club cheerleading and swimming and that's it so far
Tools of the trade
No crowns or markers for coloring inless needed and never draw in pen
Cheerleading swim and pep club o and drawing
Favourite books
I don't read last thing I read was a text book and subtitles for my Mexican soaps
Favourite movies
I love cartoons and live fried green tomatoes and my fav shows r degrassie and teen wolf for right now
Favourite music
No rap and hard core rock pop and country r good
This one
U don't need to know
I don't have an account on there
That's so old
U don't need to know
I don't have one