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how to draw pikachu kitty, pikakitty drawing tutorial
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21, Female
United Kingdom
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I am a tallish blonde girl with blue eyes that loves to laugh and hang out with her friends! I like drawing, horses and I love my dog she is a jack russell terrier who is nuts and her name is Roxy. I live in wales and i'm proud to be welsh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been drawing since I was 5 or 6 but I was never really bothered about it up until now. I have started to try drawing different things now that i've started on dragoart like I wasn't as good at drawing than I am today. Now I really like drawing and being creative with different techniques and stuff.I like to hang out with my friends and that. I'm just a normal girl really. I love to draw dragons and horses and/or random stuff. I can be random some times and feel free to Private IM me any time i'm on.I love Horse riding now started and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My horse that I ride is called and he is a 19yr old pony and I love him!!!!!! I love horse riding it is abso amazing!!!!!!!
Tools of the trade
my drawing pencil ,rubber , paper and my drawing folder
drawing (dah),netball,horses , my dog and I love to be creative I also ave 2 baby cousins that i look after and a pony that I love but isn't mine named Molly. I also like painting and anything to do with horses. I have recently started doing horse riding and enjoying every bit of it too it is AMAZING My fave hobbies r DRAWING + HORSE RIDING
Favourite books
anything horror or interesting! I love reading anything at all to do with horses and aslo i like noughts and crosses!
Favourite movies
Favourite music
JLS me and my friend love their songs Bruno mars one direction olly murs jesse j nicki minaj and loads more!
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