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United States
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I'm not your average teen girl, i was raised around boys, and i act like a boy, now, i have my moments where when my brother scares me i scream like an 8 year old, i normally wear pajama's and a baggy shirt, i live in Southern Illinois with my grandma, my brother and my mom, plus out 2 dogs, my brothers dog is chunky, he is a a mutt as is his sister my dog baby, they look nothing alike, chunky is all black with a dash of white on his chest, and baby is black and white with a cow pattern. baby loves to snuggle, they are 9 years old. Also. The spirit of the wolf, The horse, The lion, And the hawk lives within all of us, Showing us the way, Guiding us, Protecting us, And giving us our strength, Showing us our weaknesses, And giving us our wings to fly to the sky, The skys the limit, Don't let anyone bring you down, No one but You can tell you who you are and who you're mean't to be.
Tools of the trade
I prefer using the program Paint Tool SAI for my digital work And as for my traditional work i use colored pencils, paints, and #2 pencils, sometimes i use Smoothdraw 3.10.11
Drawing, Painting, Playing outside, Hanging with friends, Talking with them on facebook, Doing's with my best buddie embea, Snuggling my dog baby, Making my friends and family laugh, Making new friends
Favourite books
Twilight series
Favourite movies
Spirit: stallion of the cimmeron Twilight series Harry Potter series anything that has animals and a happy ending with them
Favourite music
Techno, Trance, Rock 'n' roll, Classic rock, Classical music, Beethoven's 5th, Deadmau5, Hip-hop, LMFAO, Train (Hey Soul Sister)
Toppaw, SleepingDJplz, Toppaw2moms
Samantha Schuchmann