25, Male
United Kingdom
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I'm Stephen. I used to draw years ago back when I was little around the ages of 10-12. I've just recently got back into it, due to watching Full Metal Panic (Its really awesome) along with just starting to watch Elfen Lied. I'm Fairly tall and have long hair, hazel eyes. Currently work in a a place called Tesco's :) Oh yeah, I'm a nice easy going fellah, Feel free to add me on Facebook ;D
Tools of the trade
Simple Paper and Pencil. Oh the good old fashioned way, although I want to upgrade to a touch tablet. I don't think it'd be the same although i'll have to wait and see :)
Drawing. Learning Anything Computer related (Preferably hardware) Working out. (Gotta keep fit) Teaching myself new things. Oh yeah! PS3 owners feel free to add me "The_Reaper92"
Favourite books
Anything by Stephen King ;D
Favourite movies
I don't have one, theirs so many. I pretty much like any film. Yes Any Film.
Favourite music
I mainly listen to Heavy Metal and other old Metal bands like Iron Maiden and Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Motorhead. But when I'm in a wind down/relaxed mood. Classical Beethoven along with Clint Mansell get put on :)