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HELLOOOO im Tara :D nice meet cha. im 15 years young, from the usa. i looooovvvveeee the colour yellow. i love to sketch animals, its all im ok at drawing. im single, live in florida, emo-ish hair, blonde, wll just look at my pic cause i cant be bothered explaining it xD im a really nice person, i couldnt hurt a fly, unless u get on my nerves that is, but all in all im a good person, i think the ppl on here are so awesome. i love art, and i super duperly love anime and manga. im awful at drawing that style though xD ooooooooh i love listening to anime tracks and japanese pop music, and i love metal and pop music. oh oh and screamo too! well i think thats it, if you wanna know anything else about me, just ask meh :D
Tools of the trade
i use sketch penicls and a rubber, just basic things really.
i love singing and writing songs!! i love bike riding, and at time just relax outside, though most of the time i just like listening to music and bouncing around xD
Favourite books
ooooooh toughy i <3 books (fyi im not a nerd xD) hmm i mainly like biographies :D
Favourite movies
oooooooh defiantly the saw movies! sooo creepy and gorey xD hmm anime films like spirited away.
Favourite music
haha ummm hmm tokio hotel, a load of japanese pop, and anime tracks, metalica, bvb (kinda) evanescence, my chemical romance, greenday, kesha :D
dont have one yet, not popular enough xD
ok its****************************************** xD
pfft who needs that
my space is my space, so stay away from my space
page 63 on the new book, facebook, out in october NOT!
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