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I would have to say im pretty weird, i love science,wolves, and drawing, (P.S, thats why im on this site ;3) and playing with my two Schnazuer puppies!Loads of people call me Wolfie, and thats who I am in the chatrooms, X3,Im a Leader Boatie,Along with Sabertoothwolf,Beccahanks, Dizzy_Duckie(We all miss you! D:), Amberowl, and Roxy_Foxy(Glad your back!! :D!) and AllyS and all of us together are THE BOATIES!,THE DORKIEST group ever!!!! and i am totally adicted to this site! ;3 Also i hate anybody who is a Hater, Art thieve, or Spammer, if you are one of those, BACK OFF AND GET A LIFE!!! :( The people who inspired me the most on Drago is Dawn, Dizzy_Duckie, Roxy_Foxy and Sabertoothwolf, they are all good artist's and I hope to draw like them one day. My Favorite movie of all time is The Adventures of Tin Tin!!!! Its a awesome Movie!!! check it out!!!!! XP Some good friends are AllyS, Dizzy_Duckie, Roxy_Foxy, Sabertoothwolf, Cookiemonster23, Artistic_Duck, BruzzyBoo, Hurry_Up7, AbiiKat, Dizzy_Doggy, Neon
Tools of the trade
Mechianal pencils HB-6B Pencils, paper and my talent ;3
Drawing, Cheerleading, and caring for two sweet dogs! :) Being TOTALLY addicted to Angry Birds!
Favourite books
White Fang and The Blackblood Alliance( i know itz a graphic novel but i can still read it!) Also the Guardians of Ga'hoole.The adventures of Tin Tin comics, novels,etc. XD Strays, Virus Rising and Off-white, (More internet comics)
Favourite movies
Rio, Wizard of Oz, Guardians of Ga'hoole, Santa Buddies, Lilo and Stich, The LIon KIng, Aleins Vs. Preadators!!! XD The Adventures of Tin-Tin!!!!!!!! <3
Favourite music
Techno, Strillex, I also seem to like Adele owo AND DEFINATELY THE TINTIN THEME SONG<33333 XD
none of your business, XP
Just made one for the heck of it, XxX-Wolfie-XxX is my username,
nope, =)
nope, ;D
nope, =$