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Divorced dude. Recently getting back in touch with my creative side. Been drawing flash sheets of tattoo designs. I do freelance design and writing. Have a degree in AutoCAD, architectural engineering and Game Art & Design. I come to this site sometimes for valuable inspiration and enjoy seeing all your submissions. I'm a procrastinator but will maybe contribute a tutorial someday. I think not only is Dawn a greatly talented artist, she also has an awesome gift of teaching and motivation. Great combo for this site! Its true: drawing takes yrs & yrs of practice and is a skill that can never really be mastered, just improved upon. Become your own worst critique, but also learn how to be appreciative of your own work. Even the greatest artists always see "flaws" in their work. But such is life.... My favorite artist is Salvador Dali, the surrealist. Not only do I admire the work he left the world, but I can relate to how he awoke from dreams and nightmares and was able to ill
Tools of the trade
Besides program mediums, I prefer prismacolor pencil/markers with a burnishing effect. Though I have a degree in art, I still consider my skills self-taught. College just helped hone my skills and give me names for what I've been doing my whole life. In turn, let me tell you just bc somebody has a degree in art or takes classes, does NOT mean they necessarily have TALENT lol. Vice versa.
Favourite books
Harold Coyle books abt the civil war & "The Owl Killers", "The Great Stink" & anything abt Tudor history or queen elizabeth I/Mary queen of scots. Pretty much most historical fiction.
Favourite movies
Horror & thriller
Favourite music