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how to draw chibi rainbow dash, chibi rainbow dash, my little pony drawing tutorial
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how to draw rainbow dash, my little pony friendship is magic drawing tutorial
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0.q"meh? eh. >_<"?! well i'm a anime freak, band whore,i want a hellhound or a dragon for a pet. you dare me to do something and most likely I will do it. i take risks that i shouldn't. im shy at first. i usually keep quiet, i will keep secrets you can tell me anything and i wont at all tell anyone. unless u tell me to. I have a hard time liking myself. i don't hate anyone! and i don't judge anybody and never will. im a brony! i love to skate.. i play video games. im very active when i want to be ! i prefer winter > summer,night > day, guys = girls (Im bisexual) c": I tend to go hard on myself , I hate everything I do . um just ask me anything i'll answer cx okie byeee .
Tools of the trade
pastel, pencil, water color, graphite, crayons, color pencil, erasable pen, chalk, charcoal, marker, eraser, pen, highlighter, water pastel, paper, sponge, sharpie, etc anything would be fine tho.
drawing ! im a anime freak, and a band whore (im not really a whore if u think that's what it means -_-) skateboarding, roller skating ! video games !! music is my life. uhhh.. I do a lot of random shit! errrm.mur.gir... yeah c": im crazy when I know you & im really really crazy when I close to you .
Favourite books
any type of comic, manga.. vampire kisses (all books) I donno, I just read sometimes... and don't remember the name >.> anything with horror, mystery, si-fi, adventure.. I love c:
Favourite movies
uhh.. I watch horror a lot. and anime a lot.. so yeah, but uhm? oh and. Anything by Tim Burton I love <3 , harry potter, lovely bones, August Rush, Silent Hill (both movies), Romeo & Juliet, Blood+, The Call, @SuicideRoom, Death Race, nightmare before Christmas, Warm bodies, Easy A, The Ward, Trick-or-Treat, errrm.. Death note, black butler, girls bravo, elfin lied, Rosario + vampire, teen wolf, adventure time ;3, and yussh ! im a brony ! so my little pony ! :3
Favourite music
Exo, Exo-k, Exo-m, u-kiss, joel faviere, black veil brides, suicide silence, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, He Is We, my chemical romance, blood on the dance floor, bring me the horizon, miss may I, three days grace, Asking Alexandria, rascal flatts, Helio, rob zombie, Get Scared, you me at six, Flyleaf, Britt Nicole, Fit For Rivals, Snow Whites Poison Bite, errrm THERES SO MANY TO NAME! but I just like stuffs like that... dubstep, tehno, rock ,post hardcore, metal, heavy metal, mexicore, nightcore, nightstep, alternative, little bit of country.. uhm :3
http://instagram.com/evoletah_ && http://scarsarebeautifulbaby.tumblr.com/
nuu .~.
errrm.. uh nu !?
i have no clue what it is .-. :/