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how to draw a kitty drawing tutorial
how to draw an easy panda drawing tutorial
how to draw an anime cartoon baby panda bear drawing tutorial
how to draw an easy fish drawing tutorial
how to draw a dolphin tattoo drawing tutorial
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hello my name is Samantha and im 14, my dad is the one who got me into drawing painting and all other kinds of art my favriot thing to draw is probably animals and candals. My favriot color is bright grass green and a purple...i live with my dad and step mom and i visit my mom on mondays and tuesdays...joint custedy!!!...well anyway send me a request to be freinds and i will surly accepet and send my and im anytime im always on...thanks for your time!!!
Tools of the trade
i draw with a regular pencil...uswally when im done drawing a picture i paint it with water paints or oil paints...!
Here we go again...dancing...its what i do best and its what i love to do every friday that i can i go to the teen dance club with all my girls and we get our dance going on no matter whos whatching!!!
Favourite books
1. heartbeat- this book is kinda short but very touching and emotional thats why i love it also very discreptive!!! 2. a chiled called it- this book is a true story about the worst chiled abuse case in califrnia state history, very amotional book again i cried when i read the book for the frst time!!! 3.the chocolate touch-this book is about a kid who makes everything he touches turn into choclate i like thisd book beacuse !!!...I LOVE CHOCOLATE...!!!
Favourite movies
my favriot movie has to be my sisters keeper..its a very sad movie about a girl who has cancer and she meets a bot who has cancer and he dies soon after they meet and begin dating...the girl wioth cancer has a sister who was born so that she could give her sister the body parts and bone densoty and other things that she needs to stay alive but after a while the sister gets tired of giving up her body parts and sues the mom for teling her to do it...VERY SAD MOVIE!!!
Favourite music
i love rap and hip-hop mostly beacuse i love to dance and im great at it to i can do hip hop dancing very well also (a little dirty lol) dancing is what i do best...i also love how up beat it is i lissen to it in the morning to get me going when i have school!!!