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Bonjour reader! I'm RadioactiveSoda! I love Katawa Shoujo. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My favorite meme is Good Guy Greg. My most used meme is "Y U NO". My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed. My favorite songs are Serpentine by Disturbed , Viva la Vida by coldplay , and Unknown Solider by Breaking Benjamin. I love to talk I own 1 pet a white and blue parakeet named Fiona <3 My favorite dessert is cheesecake and one day I wish to Travel to Pairs , France
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Mechanical Pencils , Color Pencils
Sketching , Relaxing , Reading , Designing rooms , Dreaming , Listening to music , Crafts
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Goosebumps books , King in the Window , Katawa Shoujo , Fan fics , Harry Potter , Chinese Cinderella
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Alice in Wonder land , Beverly Hills Chihuhua , Drag me to hell , Scary movie(All) , Arthur And The Invisibles , Toy Story , Megamind , Blade , Avatar The Last Airbender , Avatar(Blue people) , Bridge To Terabithia , Dracula , Dreamgirls , Jelly's last Jam , Ghostrider , Harry Potter , Fantastic Four:Rise of the sliver surfer , Minute men , PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN (W00000T!) , The Nightmare before chirstmas , The twighlight zone, The Da Vinci Code, Chicken Little , Planet 51 , Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda , Monsters Inc. , Men in black , Beauty and the beast, Open Season, The lion King , WALL-E , Horton hears a who
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Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed , Evanescence , System of a Down , K'naan , Skilet , Lilum , Marlin Mason , Fats Waller , Dinna Ross , Micheal Jackson , Rob Zombie , 50 cent , Aaliyah , Alicia Keys , Aly&Aj , Aretha Franklin , Ashanti , Ashley Tisdale , Beyonce , Black eyed peas , Brittney Spears , Carrie Underwood , Christina Aguilera , Ciaria , Lady Gaga , Destiny's child , Eminem , Green Day , Gwen Stefani , Jay- z , Pussy cat dolls , Jordan Sparks , Justin Timberlake , Kyane West , Katy Perry , Kelly Clarkson , Keri Hilson , Likin Park , Hollywood Undead , Godsmack , Pink , ADCD , Meatlica , Black Sabbith
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