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18, Female
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I love art, well duh, and I love animals, especially Horses, I don't have one but, I want one when i'm older. I also like drawing animals, One because i really good for a 13 year old and, Two because they seem to be easier to draw than other things, so they turn out better.
Tools of the trade
I have a whole professional kit, with water paints, pencil crayons and pencils. I love it because it's compact and portable, and really easy to use.
Art, Horse Backriding, Swimming, decorating and Nail Design.
Favourite books
My favorite books are The Percy Jackson series and The Twilight series, i can read other book too, if I want but, i keep on reading those two books. Probably, six or seven times each. LOL!
Favourite movies
I don't really have a favorite but, I really don't like those films that are about a girls life that's so dramatic and at the end she gets the guy, it hardly works out like that, just my opinion.
Favourite music
I like Pop music, like Rihanna and Carly Rae Jepsen.