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United States
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I'm just a girl who loves to draw anime and loves reading and watching it as well. I am currently working on panels and learning the japanese language (not an easy task) so I can make the experience of seeing my work more realistic towards actual manga.
Tools of the trade
I use normal non-mechanical pencils, bamboo pad (still working that out ha ha), Faber Castle inking pens, and that about sums it up I suppose :D
If I had to name a few of my hobbies I would say drawing, writing, cooking, reading, horse back riding, and musical theater. I am quite a busy girl lol.
Favourite books
There is no way I can answer this one. My mom is a librarian so there I too may books I could name. Some I would say are "Samuel Blink," "The Grimm Legacy," "Shiver," and even "Savvy." Books are a big part of my life and inspiration.
Favourite movies
Wow, um I've got a lot of favorite movies (maybe too many to count!) but if I had to pick I would say the "Nightmare Before Christmas." I am a huge Tim Burton fan and I have always liked stop motion animation. The movie "Nightmare Before Christmas," contains a unique humor and is quite dazzling :)
Favourite music
I really like a bad called Panic! At the Disco and favor punk music along with rock. But, I also am enchanted by the piano so I listen to a lot of pianists. I am also a fan of japanese techo ha ha.