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I like to sing(if you ask me, I'm not great but I'm above average but I dont brag and all that). I like to go out with my friends and well, do anything to get out of my house. I'm 16. I admit that I can be really boring but I'm pulling through it. Well....... I guess thats it guys.
Tools of the trade
Well, I'm not an amazing artist like most people on here but all I use Is a # 2 pencil(For sharp lines, I use mechanical pencils), paper, pen(usually a sakura pen), and an eraser. I don't use all those fancy objects like a protracter and all that stuff.
I draw, sing, play the shamisen, and do theater. Wow... now that I think of it, I am a little boring. Haha
Favourite books
As you can tell from my profile... I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!! I also like harry potter. My favorite book of harry potter is the deathly hallows. I like 39 clues to. Haha I read childish books right? I'm very open minded about books, movies, TV shows, etc. So If you have any favorite shows or books tell me about them and I most likely will take a look at them.
Favourite movies
I like all the Harry potter movies, Twilight movies, The lovely bones, and any action movie.
Favourite music
I like all types of music except country.