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I live in a small town. Here there is nothing to do but find things to amuse yourself. I can only find peace in my mind whilst drawling or reading. The only things that give me joy are the things i accomplish or finish. I hope to one day become a writer or possibly a scientist, where i can work in my lab late at night. bwwahah!
Tools of the trade
pencil, colored pencils, charcoal, permanent marker, acrilic paint, crayons (for my nieces coloring book), chalk, oil pastels, watercolors, and ink.
reading, drawing, watching Ghost Aventures, listening to music all the time. (sometimes i pretent that my life is like a very boring movie reality show and i have crappy background music for everything i do),playing with my puppy, chilling on FB, eating everything. dancing (terribly), singing along with songs to annoy people and playing games with my favorite niece Destiny ( Well shes my only niece)And recently i've taken up writing:0 will it work out who knows done the basics worken out the hard stuff! I finally have written something signifigant!
Favourite books
The Mortal Instruments Series. (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Falling Angels, and recently City of Lost Souls,) The Infernal Devices(Clockwork Angel, Coming soon Clockwork Prince and later Clockwork Princess). The Harry Potter Series, The Twilight Series, The Cirque Du Freak Series, The Narnia Series, The Host, and The Dictionary. LOL the DICTIONARY ya i sit and read that all the time:) i also occ.asional read manga
Favourite movies
Harry Potter series, Twilight, Letters to Juliet, all Disney Movies, Up (I love Dug) SQUIRREL! LOL ummm The Hangover, Role Models, Mouse Hunt, Spirit, Tangeled, The Vampires Assistant and too many to mention gosh theres so many movies OK one more The old Dracula Movies hahah gotta love those bats on strings. I also enjoy anime :) like Bleach, ouran high school host club, junjou romantica, loveless, okain ga nai (no money), lol im just a little bit of a yaoi fangirl if you can't tell already lol :)
Favourite music
ACDC, Afroman, All-American Rejects, Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood, Colio, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, Finger Eleven, Flo Rida, ICP, IYAZ, Ke$ha,Lady GaGa, Metro Station, Miranda Lambert, Nickelback,P!nk, Queen, Sara Barielles, Soulja Boy,Snoop Dog,Spoce, Taylor Swift, The Ting Tings, Whitesnake, 3 Doors Down, Zak Brown Band, Dubstep, Blood on the dance floor, hale storm, tata young, i am x-ray. anything fun and interesting!
Nope, im not kewl or important enough to have a website.
Drago is sooo much better!
Hate Myspace completly useless!
Umm let's see talk to me and let me get to know you a lil and maybe you will be given the marvelous privledge of having me in your circle of friends on FB!
Twitter is beyond me i have no use for it im not famouse nor immportant no1 would listen to my posts!