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how to draw darth vader drawing tutorial
how to draw robot gir drawing tutorial
how to draw spongebob drawing tutorial
how to draw stewie griffin from the family guy drawing tutorial
how to draw finn and jake drawing tutorial
how to draw gir from invader zim drawing tutorial
how to draw a simple wolf drawing tutorial
how to draw an anime emo kid drawing tutorial
how to draw a dead tree drawing tutorial
how to draw l drawing tutorialembeded video
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ok,name's wolfie (friends call me that XD)and so on...the reason peoplez call me wolfie is because i iz a werewolf!*grrr*lol..<)_^> <-- thats my invention off an emo wolf ..oh AND im emo..i love watchin sonic x 4 some reason..(idk why..?)and i <3 2 sk8board its really fun!!and i love hanging out with people im more of a pack person i love to draw wolves and other stuff ihave a journal that has random stuff (wtf...<)_->)and i love BACON(that wuz random!)and i hope yull like me and my drawins!! and one more thing ...if i hear techno ,ill destroy the device that plays that bloody music!!(._. ...) ooook? lol i <3 u all!!! P.S. I LIKE TO SAY"HI,IM WOLFIE"a lot of times
Tools of the trade
uhh a pencil? (...)lol
i luv drawin and skateboarding cus its fun and destroing things with my bat and cutting my self and pissing off my sister XD its really fun actualy <)_^>and doin stuff that involves sk8in' and/or smashing techno filled phones...(lol tht made me laugh 4 real..!)...and transformin..and eating animals,and bacon and cheezburger
Favourite books
twilight lightning thief vampire diaries
Favourite movies
twilight new moon breaking dawn
Favourite music
well,i love rock and metal and everything ecxept techno and pop ...it sucks
wish i had one
uh iz dont use it...
i use it...sometimes
not much..