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18, Female
United States
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I am a shy 8th grader that goes to -------- in ---, --. I am an avid reader, reading the divergent series for the 4th time, and I am a fast reader, so I can go through them pretty fast. I used edgenuity in my school, so I am ahead in all my course work and have all A's. Lately I have neen reading (and fangirling over) Percy Jackson, one of the best serise ever, yes when I say pjo I also count Heroes of Olympus. I would rather have my face in a book or screen, or both. I am normally not though.
Tools of the trade
I prefer a sketch pad and a good ol' number 2, then I go from there depending on what I feel like, but lately I use markers and a pencil assortment, including watercolor pencils.
I like to read, draw, play video games, listen to music, learn, do school work, and other stuff.
Favourite books
The enchanted forest chronicles, the 39 clues and all the off series of that, Guardians of ga'hoole, and DIVERGENT, INSURGENT, ALLEGIANT, and more. I love the divergent series, FOURth time reading it, and of course Percy Jackson, Heros of olympus, and the Kane Chronicles, some of the best series out, ( I Can't find the Crossovers though, :( I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE lol), lately I have also been read another Great Serise, drumroll, Leven Thumps, it is awesome. I also like some classics like Poe, Sherlock Homes stories, and others like it.
Favourite movies
Divergent (and most likely the rest in series, even though they aren't out), How to Train Your Dragon, Dolphin Tail, Disney's and Studio Ghibli are some. For TV shows I like My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tanked, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, American Restoration, Too Cute, Tree house Masters, and a bunch more.
Favourite music
I love artists like, but not limited to the following: Natalie Grant, Jamie Grace, Toby Mac, Mandisa, Francesca Battistelli. R5, Bright Medler, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.
Don't have one
Who really uses one these days, and don't have one.
Ya, I normally do have my face in a book, but they mean Facebook the website, so I don't have one
Same as Facebook