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I LOVE animals, fantasy,glitter,camping,and fun and adventure in general!!!! :) I am half girly girl but at the same time so completely not one because im not afraid to get my hands dirty! I like to think i'm funny because i love to laugh. I get teased a lot in school but i don't really care. Haters gonna hate. I am not shy at all (OK maybe a little when i'm around strangers) ,and love to talk. And for that reason i get in trouble a lot!!!! Im trying to do better (its not working).I have a cat named calvin and he is adorable but really fat!! Dont tell him i said so! I love the outdoors and anything that has to do with animals,and i want to run a wildlife sanctuary. I have ADHD and its hard for me to concentrate and stay still, especially in math class. I like to sing and dance and people i know say im very graceful when i dance ( they lie).I am half Mexican .I like drago art and intend to come here often.I also am told i am exceedingly weird but se la vi or however you spell that!
Tools of the trade
A pen pencil paper an eraser and imagination ( and sometimes extra lead)
There are a lot so im just gonna say a few....... drawing,fishing,camping,reading,singing,dancing,gaming,watching funny videos,playing with animals,and eating ice cream.
Favourite books
The Percy Jackson series, and the warriors series, Harry Potter and the lunar chronicles
Favourite movies
The nut job! LOL!!!, the penguins of Madagascar,and big hero six.FROZEN, I also like the ultimate spider man series. All the Night At The Museums!!!
Favourite music
And most pop and country......I DO NOT like bro country. Its weird. My favorite music artists are Keith Urban,katy Perry,Taylor Swift, and Christina Agulira And panic at the disco
dont have one
why do they put this here?
no clue
i dont do this either