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39, Female
United States
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Last login: 5 years ago
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Member since: Jan 08, 2014
When I was younger I loved to draw, then life got crazy as i was moving, had a child starting school, single mom, and unemployed. It got crazier still.... got moved and somewhat settled with my boyfriend and child in a tiny apartment, just to have to move again in 5 months because i was pregnant again and there was absolutely no way a family of 4 could live in that apartment. 2 year later single mom of 2, still unemployed, but enrolled online in college, kicked the boyfriend out. Long story short, my fiance, after a near 9 year hiatus, encouraged and renewed my love of drawing. I mainly only sketch black and white, but occasionally I use colored pencils. I am trying to teach myself how to draw\sketch in colored chalk, but I have 5 colors only, lol. I like to draw just about anything and will sit for HOURS and work one the same piece until I get it right. Either 7-8 hors straight ir a week of 3-4 hours a day before I give up and move on till later. I love this site!
Tools of the trade
My favorite drawing tool the last couple of months has been a $5 mechanical pencil my fiance bought me after he say my fingers aftrr a couple of hours drawing with a regular pencil. Its biggrt around which keeps my fingers flexible for hours! Its your typical .5 lead and I like the 9"x6" Art 1st sketch diary by Pacon. I am working on my third since mid November.
Favourite books
Jr Ward The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Kim Harrison The Rachel Morgan series, Jk Rowling Harry Potter, tge classics, and more!!!
Favourite movies
Elysium, Harry Potter, Dogma, Poltergist, The Craft, Sherlock Holmes with RD JR, Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp..... All of his movies actually.
Favourite music
I'm a big metal rock fan, but as I can tune in my favorite radio station (kqrc kansas city's the Rock with Johnny Dare) I love what some of the younger generations my call the Classics or maybe even Oldies.... 60's-90's, I like serveral of todays hit from the last 2-5 years. I also a have a few country artist s and specific songs that I like... The LACS, Garth Brooks, Jason Alden, as well as a few others.