Favourite tutorials
how to draw frodo, lord of the rings drawing tutorial
how to draw a sugar glider, sugar glider drawing tutorial
how to draw big macintosh, big mac drawing tutorial
how to draw my little pony, friendship is magic style drawing tutorial
how to draw human amy rose, anime amy rose drawing tutorial
how to draw human shadow, anime shadow drawing tutorial
how to draw human sonic, anime sonic drawing tutorial
how to draw human knuckles, anime knuckles drawing tutorial
how to draw vaporeon drawing tutorial
how to draw tails kitty, tails cat drawing tutorial
19, Female
United States
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*I am going into 8th grade. *I am going to be homeschooling this year. *I would like to graduate early and start an art course at Maple Woods so I can still do CYT until I'm 18 :) *I am a self-proclaimed Nerd. *I don't really know what I want to do when I grow up. *I love to draw. *I love to paint. *I love music. *I LOVE to read. *Jesus is my life. *Sad to say that I'm ticklish. *I HATE drama (not theater drama) and I like to avoid it when I can. *I like to read comic books. *Cyt is pure- awesomeness! *I like to dance (but I'm not the best) :) *I like making comic books. *I love legos. *I play the piano (8 years now :D) *I love Snoopy. * I very much enjoy stage combat. *Tinker Bell and Peter Pan are the best! *I love the movie Newsies sooooo much! *My dog Toby is my big teddy bear. *If I could buy everything in one store it would be Hobby Lobby. *I love the movie Tangled. *I like to pretend that I'm a super hero somethimes. *Nancy Dr
Tools of the trade
Markers, Colored Pencils and watercolors. Sometimes crayons as well :)
Theater, Art, Stage Combat, Reading and Writing
Favourite books
Any Star Wars books, manga and the Dork Siaries series
Favourite movies
Star Wars, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Newsies :)
Favourite music
Christian and Broadway