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Im really nice and loving!! i hate bullies and grumpy people. im a total rocker and so random. if there was aMLP: FIM version of me, it wuld be pinkie pie! IM 13 NOT 15 the thing got messed up idk.... it froze and i started to click everywhere and then that happend.......im mexican italian french spanish and some thing else that were not really sure.. im not a labeler and dont care if ur gay (gay guys r soo cute ^_^) or bi, or goth or emo!! (hey emos' i luv ya ur all soo fugging cool!!) i am in love<3333.. i love 1D and if ur seriously a nice person, u wuldnt beat down on me for it. i have a pretty wicked sense of style and im a doc martens fan!!!!!! imm sorta a flirt, nawt that much (im no floozy chickadee) i really want to learn how to draw realistically.. i luv anime and cartoony but i want to expand my drawing styles..hmm.... ive got crazy curly hair that looks like i curl it.. no joke!!!!! im sorta shy if i like a guy r if they like me....... i guess im pretty... i dnt think so........ unles
Tools of the trade
i use all pencils, markers, charcoal, colored pencils, water color pencils, pastels, and pens :D
I love to draw, sing, dance, be so random, write stories and poems, read, goof off, and just be me! and if u dont like it, well ur missing out :P and this page will blow up in 3.....2....1..............................................................................................
Favourite books
The body finder, ghost girl, tales and poems of edgar allan poe, the immortals series, huger games, CHRONICLES OF VLAD TODD<3 (hehe) caster chronicles, one direction dare to dream..... and yea i just like 2 read...
Favourite movies
Nightmare before christmas, Alice in wonderland Green Hornet, Grown Ups, War Horse, Ace Ventura, Twilight Saga, Captain America, Dumb and Dumber and many more :D batman dark night rises, complete series paranorman...... frankenweenie, the raven..... uhhh ILOVEALLMOVIES!! i gawt issues :(
Favourite music
Rock, any kind of rock: my friends band: THE RUNDOWN KREEPS(look em up) corn, disturbed, young the giant, gotye BVB Red hot chili peppers, taking back sunday, askingalexandria, sonic youth,, judas priest, bad religion, blink 182, greenday, aerosmith, the doors, skid row, misfits, ratt, wjite lion, wolfmother, led zepplin, scorpions, descendants, ozzy obourne, queen, lynard skynard, quiet riot, devo, gwen stefani, rush, panterA, motorhead, slipknot, megadeth, anthrax,police, foreigner, metallica, iron maiden, alice in chains, alter bridge, america, army of anyone, breaking bejamin, blind melon, brad, bullet for my valentine, buzzocs, sex pistols, bush, creed, cardboard vampyers, the darkness, LA guns, the eagles, evanscense, foo fighters, faith no more, garbage, genesis, gun, helmet, hole, kings of leon, king crimson, the killers, linkin park, machine head, mad season, maroon 5, marilyon manson, mudhoney, no doubt, a perfect cirlcle, circle jerks, paramore, papa roach, pink floyed, pearl jam, puddle of mudd,
^ its sooo old it suckz now...
^ mucho drama.. nawt 4 meh
Gabrielle<3 x_epicrawr_x