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United Kingdom
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Hi! My name is Daisy and I love to draw. I've always liked to be creative but in year 6 (last year of primary school), I started to find my own stlye and discover techniques. For years I have been using Dragoart but unable to create an account as I was under 13. Now that I'm offically a teenager, I can join. My main interrests are manga, art, history and stop motion animation. For those of you who don't know what that is, stop motion animation is when you take a series of pictures and then play them,one after another, to create a video - Wallace and Gromit is stop motion animation and they take 24 pictures per second. As I'm at high school, I have to learn a language and so I'm learning French. Icould only say my numbers 1 to 10 in French before high school, but now I can say so much! When I get to choose my options, I'm going to pick French. It is challenging learning a new language but that's why I like it.
Tools of the trade
I use a range of things but normally pens, fineliners, colouring pencils, pencils and compasses (for perfect circles). I do use pastels and sometimes my computer.
Drawing and animation.
Favourite books
Deathnote and Who ology
Favourite movies
I'm currently into any manga or anime movies... I love spirited away.
Favourite music
My favourite band is Chameleon circuit. They write songs about doctor who episodes. I like: Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Queen, Gospel music and lots more... My favourite song is Jar of Hearts!