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21, Female
United States
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Member since: Feb 12, 2012
((>> Note: I'm really actually only 13, so I don't really know why it says 14.. I might've put it in wrong by mistake. lol<<)) Well, I'm really quite well-rounded... I'm a nerd, but very athletic and loveable(: In fact, I've been taking several different forms of martial arts since I was little, like really little(: haha.. More specifically, arnis, Taekwondo, Karate, etc (: I love to write, read, and draw(: I write novels.. Fantasy stuff (: I started doing manga art a few years ago, and it's definitely my favorite field of art now(: Uhmmm... I'm friendly, typically happy-go-lucky.. But I don't take squuuaaaattt from anyone... I've been a straight A+ student since kindergarten :D Yeah, I'm an uber-nerd!!! But proud of it!!!!(: And my best friend calls me a walking, breathing Dictionary...:D Well... I am uber uber uber uber UBER OBSESSED with the Hunger Games... And if you seriously haven't read this trilogy yet... JUST DO IT!(: lol Well,
Tools of the trade
Uhmm.. Just regular old pencils, colored pencils, and felt tip markers (for outlining!) work just fine for me (: i like MS Paint, sometimes... And after a rainy day, drawing in the mud can be quite entertaining:P And difficult... lol
Reading, Writing, Art, Sports, Martial Arts <3
Favourite books
The Hunger Games!!!!!!!! <3<3 :D; The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy <3; The Mistmantle Chroncles; The Big Over Easy; Percy Jackson and the Olympians; Yotsuba :D ;
Favourite movies
Disney <3; Edward Scissorhands<3; Beetlejuice!! Encino Man<3; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy <3<3 Forrest Gump, Monsters Inc, Disney Princess <3 Aladdin! Hercules! Land of the Lost;The Corpse Bride; The Nightmare before Christmas; Alice in Wonderland; Resident Evil series; The Karate Kid (Old and New, mostly new:P) Annnddd The Hunger Games!!!!!<3 <3 lol
Favourite music
Metallica; Led Zepplin; Disturbed; Saosin; Adele; Leona Lewis; Rage against the Machine; (Gawsh there's so many!!! And you probably don't know most anyways, so I'll stop there...:P)
Not anymore(:
If you need it, just ask(:
Pssh, it's long dead:P
Not worth the trouble:P