19, Female
United States
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I am the publisher of a Book orginization called The Book Whisperers. You will not see me without a book. I read and write and draw in my spare time. If you picture me as a nerd, don't, bc I'm not one. I'm a bibliophile (or a slang term that one of my friends thought up for a bookworm.) I'm currently writing five -- count 'em FIVE -- books. Two of them are on a website called Check out the Book Whisperers on our website!!!!
Tools of the trade
Pencils, and paint (if I can get my hands on them suckers). GRR
I read, write, draw, hang out with my BFFs (I have many), sing (not publicly) and dance (also not publicly).
Favourite books
I don't have any. That's the best part of being a BOOK WHISPERERS!!!! But I do like fiction. Especially fantasy/ sci-fi and fantasy-romance!
Favourite movies
I don't really watch television, but I do like The Hunger Games.
Favourite music
I like country and pop. Not ones that talk about sex, though.