19, Female
United States
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I like drawing cartoons and I love to draw dragons, otters and kitties. I think Chibi art is cute, but I don't really draw anime and Chibi. I like the holidays, because their cozy. I like sunny days, and I am enthused about the wind. I love fall, except the rain. Where we live, it rains a lot. I have 7 goats, and I love them all. I love pencils that are freshly sharpened, and I love warm fires and the color orange. I an ecstatic about big over-sized knit sweaters, because their so free-feeling and you aren't restricted. I'm a fan of Coca-Cola, not a fan, actually a believer. I drink it nearly everyday and I love it. I love fuzzy things and warm things, and I'm passionate about the color orange. I play guitar, and trumpet- a cornet, actually, which is smaller and has a tiny bit of tone difference- and I sing. I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift and I do believe that I'm her #1 fan. I like to be warm and cozy, not cold and uncomfortable. I could care less about high-heels and designer h
Tools of the trade
I use Derwent Sketching 2B, 4B, HB, Dark Wash 8B and a Royal HB. I use them for shading and sketching. I also use the Royal HB to outline, most of the time. I will use a regular #2 pencil for ideas and smaller sketches and doodling. I will sometimes use a slim Sharpie or a Bic ballpoint pen for final darkening outlines. To erase, I use a regular PaperMate Pink Pearl 101, but I will use a Polyester eraser for artwork, not doodles or sketches. I use Royal Langnickle Essentials Canvas Paper Oil and Acrylic "perfect for Oil and Acrylic Paintings" Coated Texture Paper 106lb. / 170g/m2 5" X 7' 12.7 cm X 17.78 cm. Although it says that it is really for painting, I do sketches and some artwork on that paper. Sometimes I just use regular printer paper. I haven't explored Photoshop a ton, but I'm working on using some Photoshop drawings.
Playing guitar, and singing, drawing and having fun (Yes, it 'tis be a hobby.)
Favourite books
Maygk, Crooked Kind of Perfect..
Favourite movies
Tangled :3
Favourite music
Taylor Swift!