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how to draw chibi people drawing tutorial
how to draw chibi sora from kingdom hearts drawing tutorial
how to draw yui drawing tutorial
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Hi guys! I'm new here,supposedly I'm going to join last month but it keeps not signing up.Anyways. I'm usually an average person,I'm also shy,quiet and gentle but I'm kind of being naive sometimes.Some of my friends say that I am an 'otaku' because of my obsessive interests like video games,about animes and some stuff.I actually got interest in anime since I was in 6th grade but it fades way after the cable had changed,so I began lost interest of that but then now I got back into it because of K-On! after I liked the character Yui(before) now then with Azusa,it's all thanks to them and I really get addicted to it and being a great fan. I'm easily attracted to cute things even plush toys,pets and cartoons.
Tools of the trade
Listening to music,Reading books,Internet,Sleeping
Favourite books
About angels and demons,Diary of a wimpy kid,Harry Potter,The Chronicles of Narnia and magazines. I'm not scared at scary or painful stories but I dislike them.
Favourite movies
What about tv shows?? K-On!,Futurama,South Park,Death Note,Fairy Tail Despicable Me,South Park movie,Peter Pan 2003,Nightmare Before Christmas,Napoleon Dynamite
Favourite music
Metallica,The Beatles,Bullet for my Valentine,Taio Cruz,Coldplay,Nickelback,Yui Hirasawa and Azusa Nakano