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how to draw chibi rapunzel, tangled drawing tutorial
how to draw holding hands drawing tutorial
how to draw a realistic bird drawing tutorial
how to draw a water phoenix drawing tutorial
how to draw a phoenix bird of flames drawing tutorial
how to draw a portrait drawing tutorial
how to draw a zombie skull drawing tutorial
how to draw a heart skull drawing tutorial
how to draw a skirt, skirts drawing tutorial
how to draw unicron drawing tutorial
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ಠ_ಠ10 Things about Me 1.im GAY 2.im not black im white 3.i am from canada where my favourite singer came from JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! :D <3 4.drawing is my thing 5.i belive in jesus and hell cos jesus is hot ;D 6.for me parties are kool with lots of men 7.tattos r on my body pull my shirt off and youll see 8.i love men 9.im a gay guy 10.im peaceful enjoyable my bigest fear in my life when someone was pointing me with a revolver ill never forget that. my fav resturant well any resturant with a buffet specialxD. ppl inspire me alot but my step dad inspires me most. on vacation i like goin to the beaches i used to go on the carribean when i was 12. my fav games online poptropica siftheads series on vid system any sport games on wii. one of my fav activties goin fishing&camping with my friends. few more things bout me im really 18 my real name is taylor and im a great friend and boyfriend.
Tools of the trade
Art Pad I think that Artpad is my favorite online drawing program. Express your self with the art.com Art Pad, Where you create Art as Unique as you are Brushes... Never brush eraser crumbs or dust off your drawing using your hand. Pencils... Progresso pencils Progresso pencils are solid sticks of graphite and very versatile tools. However, although I keep Pencils: hb, b, b2, b3,b4,b5,b6,b7,b8, I rarely use them except for outdoor sketching Wood-cased pencils Sharpeners... Erasers...
Hiking: In winter it becomes snowshoeing and nordic skiing Tennis: I take it indoors when it's wet, but other than that ... if it's dry and even only 30 degress, I'm on an outdoor court. Rock Climbing: I've been out on the cliffs on Christmas day and Thanksgiving some years.
Favourite books
I dont read that much.........
Favourite movies
My Top 10: 1. The Social Network 2. True Grit 3. Restrepo 4. Greenberg 5. Scott Pilgrim 6. King's Speech 7. The Fighter 8. The Kids Are All Right 9. The Town 10. Toy Story 3 Just missed the list: The Ghost Writer, 127 Hours, Shutter Island, Youth in Revolt, Cyrus
Favourite music
JLS Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus, Pussycat Dolls, Chris brown....too many <3