22, Female
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im not the most talkative person in the world, but once i get to know someone i will gradually get more comfortable talking to them. im not that great at art but im getting better at it, i suppose i just need to improve my technique a little better with practice. i can draw chibis very well though ^_^ i like to use smileys alot :D
Tools of the trade
i like to use plain #2 school pencils and and eraser and sharpener to sketch and whatever, i don't like charcoal or pastels, they are too messy >_< for coloring i use pencil crayons or markers but preferably pencil crayons :D
omg so many..... i like to draw (thats why im here!) i play video games (IM A GIRL GAMER!) annoying my big sister even if she chases me around like a mad woman (can't blame her) smiley faces :D :) ^_^ im thinking of taking on a sport like baseball or soccer ..... i read manga and other books i write journals and poetry or sometimes stories and fan fictions... i read the newspaper >_> YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! :D
Favourite books
i like to read manga, just manga O_O
Favourite movies
i like horror movies and comedies, TIM BURTON FOR THE WIN!!!!! <3
Favourite music
i listen to mostly anything but my favorites are japanese songs, screamo and rock.... i like SOME pop songs like jar of hearts and sweater song but i don't like justin beiber >.<
working on it ....
ask me for it :D
making one because i forgot my other one >.<
ask me for it :)
making one now.......