20, Female
United States
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I am Cassie, I am 13, I just got an iPod touch which I am learning how to draw with I might put out some tuts for stuff like dragon quest 9 items and such. ( I am addicted to that game it is awesomeness!)
Tools of the trade
I use normally a lead pencil .7 and .9 because .5 is too small, a pen ballpoint, a HB pencil, a 2B pencil, a B pencil, a F pencil, a H pencil, and a kneaded eraser. I know that seems like a lot of stuff but I need it to make my horrible drawings look better. Oh I almost for got an I pod touch 4th generation. I have an app that makes it a mouse for my computer.
Drawing, watch TV, playing games on my dsi, wii, and iPod touch, playing on the computer. I can do all of that at One time don't ask how I just do. 0_o
Favourite books
All I basically do is read and play wii, ds, and on my iPod, and computer. So get ready for a list: The Eargon series Pendragon series The Hunger Game trilogy Harry Potter Empty Lord of the Rings how to draw book MANGA Fairy Tail, Rave Master, And Air Gear
Favourite movies
I can't find a movie that matches the book so. This list consider it empty.
Favourite music
This list is kindof long to Dead Hearts~ Stars Sing~My Chemical Romance F'ckin Perfect-Pink That's it for now I'll do more later