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21, Female
United States
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Im a crazy, fun kinda person. I can be quite....Insane and weird but thats what makes me awesome. Lolz, anywho, I am sometimes really quiet, and shy. I blush a lot O3O Also, if someone is picking on my friends I beware of chu, I bite, and I mean ahrd. I do not let anyone hurt meh friends without revenge. >:I Anyways XD Just dont get on my bad side is all im saying, but it takes a lot to get there so chur safe for now. x3 Well thanks for reading this..O-O
Tools of the trade
Well..I like to use my Bamboo Tablet and such. Otherwise though, im more of a tradtional type, I use paper and pencial more often than anything else. :D
Drawing (Of course XD) Swimming, video games, vollyball, fourwheeling, the forest (I like to go run in the woods and whatever xD) And, talking to friends and being awesome c:
Favourite books
Im a huge fan of the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter. I also like The Sight, Guardain of Ga'Hoole books and, lots of fantasy books xD
Favourite movies
Mostly horror, some comedy, and...A fantasy one here and there. x3
Favourite music
Rock,Pop, some country, techno, and..Thats all I can think of :o